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Foundational tenets of Chickasaw history support the common good

The history of the Chickasaw Nation stretches back millennia.

Chickasaw Nation Department of Health adjusts services to promote safety

The Chickasaw Nation Department of Health (CNDH) has recently adjusted its hours of operation and updated some services in response to the ongoing public health crisis.

Chickasaw Nation’s Mahota Textiles profiled in Smithsonian Magazine piece on American artisans

Writer Glenn Adamson has recently profiled the Chickasaw Nation’s Mahota Textiles in “Artisan America: The state of American craft has never been stronger.”

Tribe joins in national COVID memorial lighting

At 4:30 p.m., January 19, the Chickasaw Nation illuminated many of its buildings in recognition of the national COVID-19 Memorial event.

Tribe moves forward with vaccination program, mitigation efforts to slow virus

The Chickasaw Nation has been focused on inoculating Chickasaw elders and Chickasaw Nation health care workers during the first weeks of COVID vaccine availability.