Vol. LII No. 12
December 2017

Season’s Greetings

Warmest holiday wishes to you from all of us at the Chickasaw Nation!

Almighty God has surely bestowed on us a multitude of blessings. We are thankful for the blessings of our families, our friends and our tribe.

As Chickasaws, we have, at different times throughout the generations, found ourselves traveling through the valley. We are thankful the Almighty has guided us and held us up as we have made our way together and built a great nation.

We are thankful for our children, who are the light of our lives and the future of our tribe. We are thankful for our elders, who have sacrificed for their families and our tribe. We are thankful for our co-workers, our friends and those with whom we build and sustain our communities.

This Christmas season, we extend special holiday wishes to all our military men and women. We request blessings and safety for them wherever they serve in our world. We are thankful for our Chickasaw veterans, who have served our country with such dedication. We are thankful for our country and the freedoms she offers us.

This Christmas season is the season of love, peace, charity and hope. We pray for those who have less than they need, and those who are experiencing challenge in their lives. We ask that we might be directed to find opportunity to help those in need whenever we cross paths in life.

The season of peace and fullness of spirit has arrived! God bless you, your family and our beloved Chickasaw Nation!