Vol. LIV No. 7
July 2019

Gov. Anoatubby ‘three-peats’ as most powerful Oklahoman

OKLAHOMA CITY – For the third year in a row, Governor Bill Anoatubby is the most powerful Oklahoman according to polling by OKC FRIDAY newspaper.

“What Oklahomans do you think exercise – through position, ability or wealth – the most influence in overall decision-making affecting Oklahoma’s present and future,” was the question posited to participants.

Of 310 ballots mailed, Gov. Anoatubby expanded his numbers over 2017 or 2016, OKC FRIDAY publisher Vicki Clark reported.

“While there are literally thousands of smart and wealthy business leaders in the state, the ones who win votes every year are the men and women most involved in civic and charitable organizations,” Ms. Clark wrote in the June 29 page-one story.

Gov. Anoatubby received the most votes in the 2018 Most Powerful Oklahoman statewide poll, winning by an even larger margin this year than in past wins, according to Clark.

“Anoatubby’s brilliant leadership has brought wealth to the Chickasaws and prominence through more than 100 tribal businesses,” she wrote.

Gov. Anoatubby was initially elected to the governorship in 1987 and has served the Chickasaw Nation since 1975.

“The visionary Chickasaw Governor is extremely popular, known especially for his kindness and generosity to individuals and the community as a whole,” Ms. Clark reported. “He has provided the leadership and the tribal support to save virtually every worthwhile project in this state. Many nonprofit organizations would have closed their doors during the past few years if not for the Chickasaw Nation stepping up to be the lead sponsor at fundraising events.”

Also making the list at No. 8 was Chickasaw citizen and 4th District U.S. Rep. Tom Cole. First elected to the seat in 2003, Rep. Cole has served 15 years and serves in a leadership role with Republicans who control the U.S. House of Representatives.

Rep. Cole is recognized nationally for his leadership and concern for issues involving Native Americans. He and Oklahoma 2nd District U.S. Rep. Markwayne Mullin are the only Indian citizens serving in Congress. Rep. Mullin is a Cherokee citizen.

Chickasaw Nation Secretary of Commerce Bill Lance Jr. was voted the 29th most powerful Oklahoman in the poll.

Mr. Lance manages all commercial business enterprises of the Chickasaw Nation. The Division of Commerce employs more than 6,500 workers. Its businesses including retail, media, hospitality, manufacturing and tourism.