Vol. LIII No. 1
January 2018

Rosetta Stone Chickasaw now available

CONTRIBUTED BY Dallas Rudd, Media Relations.

Rosetta Stone Chickasaw is now available free to Chickasaw citizens and immediate family members worldwide. This new educational tool features custom content, enabling Chickasaw global citizens to be introduced to their heritage language.

Forty engaging lessons are included in the first edition of the program. The lessons incorporate video, audio and still images presented in Rosetta Stone’s award-winning language learning software platform. Citizens are able to work through lessons at their own pace and learn conversational Chickasaw phrases that can be incorporated into daily life.

Citizens can sign up for Rosetta Stone Chickasaw by following these simple steps:

1. Complete a license application at www.Chickasaw.net/RosettaStone or www.ChickasawLanguage.com.

2. Once citizenship is verified, you will receive a welcome email.

3. Once you receive the email, follow the instructions to select your password.

4. Begin using Rosetta Stone Chickasaw at www.ChickasawLanguage.com.

This summer, vocabulary CD, DVD, with English and Chickasaw subtitles, and mobile app for Android/Apple devices are also expected to be available.

These lessons were developed in conjunction with native Chickasaw speakers. A total of 80 lessons will be jointly created by Rosetta Stone and fluent speakers from the Chickasaw Nation. Currently, there are less than 50 fluent speakers of the Chickasaw language.

“It is essential to revitalize our Chickasaw language and preserve it for future generations because so much of our culture is bound up in the knowledge of our language,” Governor Bill Anoatubby said. “We believe a collaboration between our fluent speakers and Rosetta Stone will be a significant step toward ensuring our language is documented and accessible for future generations. This relationship with Rosetta Stone offers an excellent opportunity for meaningful growth in our language programs.”

Rosetta Stone Custom Solutions partners experts from Rosetta Stone with organizations and businesses around the world to help address language barriers and determine specific language-learning goals. The team then designs and delivers fully-customized programs with personalized content, training, tutoring and evaluation tools developed to achieve its partner’s specific language objectives.

“Language preservation is a critical component of perpetuating the Chickasaw Nation’s heritage for generations to come, and we’re proud to work with them in creating this program,” Global President of Rosetta Stone’s Enterprise & Education Division Judy Verses said. “The Chickasaw Nation is helping put a spotlight on the importance of educating its people and preserving its heritage. We are excited to collaborate with them on what we see as a mission to reverse the tide of indigenous language extinction.”

For more information, visit Chickasaw.net/RosettaStone or ChickasawLanguage.com.