Vol. LII No. 11
November 2017

Apply now for Toksali SMART

Applications for Toksali SMART, the summer youth employment program, will be accepted March 1 to 31. This year, applicants can submit their applications and supporting documents online at www.Chickasaw.net/ToksaliSMART.

The Toksali SMART program is a valuable experience for youth ages 14 to 21. The program invites all Native American youth who live within the Chickasaw Nation to apply.

Students who participate are encouraged to develop productive work patterns and behaviors in real-world environments through innovative partnerships with a variety of community resources.

Experiences may include job shadowing, mentoring, leadership opportunities and job training. Worksites are both within the Chickasaw Nation and local communities. Participants can earn up to $2,000 while attaining work experience, community service opportunities, cultural education and leadership development.

Training sessions include topics such as: Chickasaw Nation core values, Chickasaw language, financial literacy, wellness, nutrition, customer service, higher education resources, academic assistance, tutoring, assistance with job placement and, character and leadership development.

For more information, visit www.Chickasaw.net/ToksaliSMART.