Three legislative seats, one court seat up in 2020 tribal elections

The Chickasaw Nation Election Commission has announced filing period opens June 1 and continues through June 3, 2020 for the 2020 General Elections.

Candidates must file in the election secretary’s office, located in the Government Services building, 2015 Lonnie Abbott Industrial Boulevard, Ada, Okla.

Candidates may file between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Seats up for election include four legislative seats and one seat on the Supreme Court.

Legislative seats to be filled are Seats 3 and 4 of Pontotoc District; Seat 2 of Pickens District; and Seat 3 of Tishomingo District. Seat 3 of the Chickasaw Nation Supreme Court is also up for election this year. Legislative candidates must be registered Chickasaw voters at least 25 years of age, residents of the Chickasaw Nation for at least one year and of their respective districts for at least six months immediately preceding the election. Legislators must remain residents of their elected district during their tenure in office. Term of office is three years. Filing fees are $500.

A Supreme Court candidate must be a registered voter of the Chickasaw Nation at least 30 years of age. Justices must be residents of the Chickasaw Nation during their three-year term of office. Filing fees are $500.

Candidates must bring verification of physical and mailing address, such as a utility bill or homestead exemption, which displays candidate’s physical address. Candidates must submit filing fee and complete a financial disclosure statement upon filing.

Financial statements are also due at the end of every month during the candidate’s active campaign period.

Candidates will receive an electoral packet containing election rules and regulations, the Chickasaw Constitution, financial disclosure forms, biography form for the Chickasaw Times, and watcher form. Candidates must not have been convicted of a felony. Background checks are conducted on all candidates.

Primary election is July 28 and run-off election is August 25, if applicable.

For further assistance, please contact Rita Loder, election secretary toll free at 1-888-661-0137.