The health and safety of Chickasaws, employees and patrons is our main priority. As the coronavirus, or COVID-19, spreads globally and cases rise in the U.S., some Chickasaw Nation events, classes, facilities, etc., will be postponed, closed or canceled out of an abundance of caution. 

For more information regarding the coronavirus as it relates to the Chickasaw Nation, please visit our information pages below. We will continue to update these pages regularly as the situation progresses. Thank you for your understanding during this time.


Season’s Greetings

Season’s greetings and warmest holiday wishes from all of us at the Chickasaw Nation!

During this sacred season, we reflect on all the blessings bestowed on us by God. We are especially thankful for our families, our friends and our tribe.

Across the generations, faith has guided the Chickasaw people. Throughout our journey together, we have been blessed by the Almighty. With God’s grace, our people have survived and flourished.

This Christmas season, we extend prayers of goodwill to all our Chickasaw families. Our family lives can be tested by the many challenges presented in our rapidly changing world. We pray for harmony, unity and happiness for all Chickasaw families throughout the country and around the world.

We honor and revere our Chickasaw elders, the bedrock of our tribe. It is our elders who keep our traditions vital and constant, and who offer us wisdom and good counsel. For them, we wish long life and all the good things God provides.

We pray a special blessing for our Chickasaw children. It is the little children who offer simple faith. It is right for us to nurture and love our children, who will soon become leaders of our tribe.

We pray for all our military men and women, wherever they serve, and for our Chickasaw veterans who have served our country so honorably.

There are many among us who have faced sorrow and loss in their lives. This season’s message of love, peace and charity offers hope to all who live with grief. We pray for those who seek respite from the challenge of unwanted change.

We are commanded to love our God, and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Our prayer is that we answer the call to help our fellow man and offer kindness, understanding and aid.

For each of us, as Chickasaws, we give great thanks for the many blessings our tribe enjoys. The season of peace and fullness of spirit has arrived! God bless you, your family and our beloved Chickasaw Nation!