Plenty of great educational, fun activities on the schedule for this summer

This article appeared in the June 2021 edition of the Chickasaw Times


Summer is upon us and we are looking forward to activities and time with family and friends.

In May, Chickasaw children and students returned to in-person summer activities, child care services and educational opportunities.

Education is a key to success and our long history has proven that providing our Chickasaw youth with educational opportunities nurtures their individual development and is vital to our tribal progress for generations to come.

The Chickasaw Nation Child Development Centers in Ada and Ardmore are now open. Children from 6 weeks to 4 years old are developing important interaction skills and learning through play.

The tribe also offers a school-age program where children 4-12 years old can learn and have fun through scientific exploration, arts and crafts, storytelling and other activities.

The Chickasaw Cultural Center and historic sites, such as Fort Washita and Chickasaw White House, will open this summer and will provide exciting opportunities for families to enjoy.

Additionally, the McSwain Theatre’s Children’s Summer Movie Series will soon begin offering a cool and comfortable escape from the summer’s afternoon heat.

This fall, the Chickasaw Nation Head Start Centers and preschool program will welcome our children back to their facilities. These programs are designed to teach 3-4 year olds the necessary skills for academic success in all areas of development: cognitive, emotional, physical and social.

Many of our recent Chickasaw high school graduates look forward to continuing their educations and to assist them, the Chickasaw Nation has multiple higher education grants and scholarships.

Throughout history, the Chickasaw people have taken full advantage of educational opportunities to advance individually, maintain our cultural identity, and safeguard our tribal sovereignty.

Education remains a priority for the Chickasaw Nation. From early childhood development to higher education and professional training opportunities, we continue working to provide Chickasaws with the resources and tools needed to succeed far into the months and years ahead.

Our future is bright!