Planned reopening underway with safety, health our top priorities

On May 27, we began a phased reopening of a number of our commercial facilities, including our casinos and gaming centers.

We have embarked on this “phase one” process in a conservative manner. Our overriding priority during our planning has been the health, safety and well-being of our citizens, our employees, our partners and our customers.

Throughout this process we have consulted with our health care professionals. We have instituted testing and screening protocols for employees, screening of customers, limited capacity requirements and social distancing. We have additionally dedicated four hours daily to closing our facilities to customers so our employees can thoroughly clean and disinfect the premises.

The public health crisis that has gripped the country directed our thinking when we closed our facilities over two months ago. That was a big step for us because we derive a significant portion of our revenues from those operations. But we knew, in consultation with our health care experts, that action was absolutely essential.

As we move forward, we are monitoring the elements of the situation closely. Our overarching responsibility to all parties is to provide a safe, healthy, clean and secure environment, and that we will do.

Testing is ongoing for our employees. A daily screening protocol is in place and employees are questioned regarding any symptoms they may be experiencing.

Also, all customers requesting entrance to a facility will have his or her temperature checked. If a temperature registers over the limit established, that customer may not enter the building. All customers, employees and partners are required to wear protective face coverings while inside the facility.

This may sound aggressive given the numbers of cases registered in our home counties. We have been fortunate in the Chickasaw Nation to have a comparatively low number of confirmed cases. We are listening to our health care experts – physicians, nurses, scientists, administrators – regarding what our precautions should entail. We prefer to err on the side of caution and avoid being too loose in our protocols.

In business, challenges can come at you quickly. It is important you have an agile and innovative management team. Fortunately, we have a great team at the Chickasaw Nation. Together, our team members and health care advisors have developed a great, workable plan.

Obviously, we want to do business. We have built up our commercial operations over the years to support the Chickasaw people and the services that are so important to all of us. We are also fully committed to doing business honorably and appropriately. That means we operate by a code that demands our very best, every day. A very big part of that commitment right now is keeping everyone – Chickasaw citizens, neighbors, partners and patrons – healthy and safe.

Challenges come along regularly. This public health crisis is a particularly big challenge. Our team is meeting the challenge by exhibiting good planning, good execution and strength of character.

All of us who work for you at the Chickasaw Nation very much appreciate your support during this time of change. Our promise to you is that we will continue to do our utmost to serve and protect you. We will keep our shoulders to the wheel in service to the Chickasaw Nation and the Chickasaw people as we begin our reopening phase.