Our tribe is all about growth, and fully serving the Chickasaw people

At the Chickasaw Nation, we have grown by leaps and bounds over the past 30 years.

Our tribe has grown in so many different ways – in citizens, in programs and services, in valued co-workers, in business, in influence. Whatever metric you apply to the Chickasaw Nation over the past 30 years, the outcome tells us our tribe has experienced an explosion of growth.

Growth is a meaningful element of our tribe. It means we are moving forward, creating more opportunities for Chickasaws, serving more people more effectively and building our overall strength as a sovereign entity.

Our growth has served us well in large part due to our conservative approach. We have not “gotten ahead of ourselves.” We have worked hard to grow our tribal businesses in a controlled, planned manner. Those businesses now contribute a substantial portion of the resources required to fulfill our responsibilities to Chickasaws.

We appreciate our businesses, our co-workers and all they create for us, but focusing only on business would be a critical mistake for us. Our focus is always on the people we serve - the Chickasaw people. Our mission is clear: “To enhance the overall quality of life of the Chickasaw people.”

Yes, it is a very simple, direct mission statement – and one we live by each day.

For those of us who work for you at your tribal government, it is you and your fellow Chickasaw citizens who daily inspire our work.

We listen to our people, and we understand the fundamental importance of our tribal programs and services. Our programs and services are dynamic, that is, we stand ready to modify and add to programs and services if it serves Chickasaws well.

You may be a college student taking advantage of tribal programs like scholarships, laptop computers, stipends, clothing grants and textbook grants. You may be the head of a Chickasaw family utilizing Chickasaw health care services like primary care, ophthalmology, obstetrics, surgery, or mail-in prescriptions.

You may be an elder making use of one of our senior nutrition sites, lawn service and energy assistance programs. You may be a non-traditional student engaged in the tribe’s School-to-Work program so you can work, attend class and provide properly for your family.

Every Chickasaw citizen has his or her unique set of programs and services selections. There are scores available, each focused on making your life better. The real key to an effective and strong functioning government is serving people well.

Wherever you live, whatever your job, age or current life situation, your tribal government is completely dedicated to serving you well. We are listening to you!

Thank you for your interest and your involvement with the Chickasaw Nation. Your contributions are vital to your effective government.