New titles available from Chickasaw Press, White Dog Press

This article appeared in the October 2020 edition of the Chickasaw Times

Chickasaw Press and White Dog Press, the publishing imprints of the Chickasaw Nation, have announced four new titles, plus four e-book versions of previously released titles.

The first title, Shikonno’pa’ Anoli’ (Stories to Tell), by Chickasaw Press, presents 40 stories told by eight Chickasaw elders who gathered in 2018 at the Chickasaw Nation’s cultural grounds at Kullihoma. The volume also includes discussions regarding the stories. Shikonno’pa’ Anoli’ is available in hardcover, softcover and as an e-book.

The remaining three title are new White Dog Press titles for young readers.

Rabbit Wants More Sense, Coyote and the Turkey and The Rabbit and the Doctor are taken from stories told by Chickasaw elders Pauline Brown and Nashoba Gene Thompson during the gathering at Kullihoma. The illustrated children’s books are available in hardcover only.

All four new titles can be purchased through or, and at venues where Chickasaw Press and White Dog Press titles are sold.

The four existing titles converted to e-book format are some of the most popular published by Chickasaw Press and White Dog Press.

The Early Chickasaw Homeland: Origins, Boundaries and Society by John P. Dyson was first published by Chickasaw Press in 2014. It has since become a standard reference for Chickasaw history and culture research.

Piominko: Chickasaw Leader by Thomas Cowger and Mitch Caver was released by Chickasaw Press in 2017. The title stands alone as a comprehensive reference on the pivotal Chickasaw leader of the 18th century.

Protecting Our People: Chickasaw Law Enforcement in Indian Territory by Michelle Cooke was a 2019 release from Chickasaw Press. Ms. Cooke’s thorough research produces a detailed account of the Chickasaw tradition of law enforcement, complete with photographs and biographies of many of the men who served.

Wenonah’s Story: A Memoir of a Chickasaw Family by J. Wenonah Paul Gunning, as told through her son Robin Gunning, was published in 2015 by White Dog Press. Written by Mr. Gunning in the voice of his mother, the title personalizes the story of a Chickasaw family that had an indelible impact on history.

The e-book titles are available through

White Dog Press is the creative imprint of Chickasaw Press, one of few First American tribal enterprises that publishes books and book-length materials. Chickasaw Press publications enable the Chickasaw Nation to share, preserve and perpetuate its rich history, language and culture for future generations.

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