Marris claims open Pickens seat; Alexander, Priddy reelected

This article appeared in the September 2022 edition of the Chickasaw Times

Chickasaw Nation Election Secretary Rita Loder has announced results of the Aug. 2, 2022 primary election.

Pickens District Legislator, Seat 3 candidate Charles Marris, of Marietta, received 1,427 votes to defeat Bradley Steven Woods, of Ardmore, who received 710 votes. Mr. Marris will fill the seat currently held by Linda Briggs, of Marietta. Mrs. Briggs is retiring.

Panola District Legislator, Seat 1 incumbent Beth Alexander, of Colbert, received 578 votes to defeat challenger Baron Burgess, of Hendrix, who received 151 votes. Ms. Alexander will retain the seat.

Tishomingo District Legislator, Seat 2 incumbent Derrick Priddy, of Sulphur, received 809 votes to retain the office. Challengers Lisa Hudson, of Davis, received 302 votes, and Robin Woods, of Tishomingo, received 205 votes.

Pontotoc District Legislator, Seat 5 incumbent Lisa J. Billy, of Lindsay, received no challengers and will retain her position.

Supreme Court Justice, Seat 1 incumbent Mark H. Colbert, of Ardmore, received no challengers and will retain his position.

Elected officials will take the oath of office Monday, Oct. 3.

For more information, please contact Ms. Loder at (580) 310-6475.

2022 Primary Election Results


Pickens District, Seat 3
Charles Marris, of Marietta – 1,427 votes (66.78%) - winner
Bradley Steven Woods, of Ardmore – 710 votes (33.22%)

Panola District, Seat 1
Beth Alexander, of Colbert – Incumbent, 578 votes (79.29%) – winner
Baron Burgess, of Hendrix – 151 votes (20.71%)

Tishomingo District, Seat 2
Derrick Priddy, of Sulphur – Incumbent, 809 votes (61.47%) – winner
Lisa Hudson, of Davis – 302 votes (22.95%)
Robin Woods, of Tishomingo – 205 votes (15.58%)

Pontotoc District, Seat 5
Lisa J. Billy, of Lindsay – no challenger – reelected

Supreme Court
Seat 1: Mark H. Colbert, of Ardmore – Incumbent – no challenger – reelected