Chickasaw Tribal Library ‘Book of the Month’

This article appeared in the May 2023 edition of the Chickasaw Times

Towana Spivey’s ‘Exploring The Depths of History’ traces 19th century water wells to development of First American communities

Towana Spivey, retired historian and archeologist, examines water wells at six well-known 19th century historic sites in southern Oklahoma.

The book explores Fort Towson, Fort Washita, the Chickasaw White House, the Chickasaw National Capitol, the Kiowa and Comanche Commissary at Fort Sill, and the former home site of Quanah Parker, the famous Comanche leader.

Drawing on his hands-on professional experience at each site, Mr. Spivey investigates how each water source tied communities together and made a lasting impact on the histories of First Americans and Indian Territory.