Building on a Firm Foundation

Happy 4th of July! We hope you enjoy the holiday with family, friends and loved ones as you celebrate our country’s liberty and freedom. Our sincerest appreciation also goes out to our Chickasaw warriors, past and present, who have served or are currently serving in the Armed Forces. Thank you for your service and dedication to our country and those who make up this great nation.

The value and strength of the Chickasaw Nation lies in the Chickasaw people and families that comprise our thriving and vibrant tribe. We have long understood the importance of strong families and uplifting our youth to become future leaders and productive members of the community.

These values have been an essential part of our culture and history for generations, and they remain a primary focus for the Chickasaw Nation today. Our matrilineal societal structure in the Homeland revolved around the clan system, and each clan member supported and encouraged each other. These are the principles that our people carried with them to Indian Territory as they embarked on a new way of life in a new land.

A devotion to each other and the progress of the tribe reinforced Chickasaws and the Chickasaw Nation through the tumultuous time of Oklahoma statehood and rebuilding our tribal government. Because of the work of our ancestors and their commitment to our future, we have a duty to uphold and strengthen the very foundation of the Chickasaw Nation – our people.

Our continued economic success and progress ensures we remain dedicated to positively impacting the lives of Chickasaws and families and cultivating opportunities for success. From youth to elders, through a wide range of programs and services, resources are available to support Chickasaws in all areas of life.

Many resources are dedicated to ensuring education and cognitive needs are met starting from a young age, including early childhood education, child care assistance and child development centers, preschool and Head Start programs, family support and more.

We also have an extensive and celebrated history of family development, and over the years, we have devoted numerous resources to nurturing and encouraging strong families and mental wellness. There is an immeasurable value in healthy families and their impact on the communities in which they live.

The traditional values of community and supporting one another have sustained our people for ages, and they continue to guide us now. We are committed to working today for a better tomorrow, one which will benefit from the success of the families who comprise our great Chickasaw Nation.